Many thanks from Nepal - Amoria Bond Charitable Trust
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Many thanks from Nepal

Many thanks from Nepal

After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal, the Amoria Bond employees started fundraising activities as well as collecting medical supplies for Nepal to help those most in need.

A ‘dress down’ fundraiser helped to raise £1,117 ( €1,528 / $2,296) solely from employees.  This initial amount was then matched by the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust to take the overall total amount raised to £2,234 ( €3,056 / $4,593).

In addition, the team at the Amsterdam office were busy collecting supplies of bandages, sanitary products, blankets and other medical supplies which were urgently needed by survivors. These were taken to Nepal for distribution by Shelly Agrawal (who works in the Amsterdam office) along with supplies donated by the AMZ and Orbis Hospital in The Netherlands.

Many thanks to everyone that has taken part.

We received this update from Shelly about how the supplies were used;

We would very much like to thank you for your contribution to the support for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. We were very much impressed with the amount of effort made and money raised for the people here.  After consulting family and friends that are also involved in charity work, we have decided to give out the materials and funds as follows:

Medical material
The AZM, Amoria Bond and Orbis hospital donated a lot of materials, all related to wound-treatment and hygiene. For instance gauzes, bandages, Betadine and wound treatment cream. We have chosen to find groups that take these materials into the mountains surrounding Kathmandu and distribute it to the people who have not come down to the capital to visit a hospital.

We have donated the materials to 3 groups:
1. Youth thinkers society and Nyano Sansar or Nepal Share: An organisation of Nepalese youngsters that travel to the villages to help out people. This group also provide medical support where required as they take medical staff with them. These doctors now can make use of the donated materials.
2. Medsted: An organisation of medical students. They also go out to villages to help out the people with health issues.
3. TPO Nepal: An organisation that focuses mostly on the psychological treatment of the victims. They also take medical staff along with them and can make good use of the supplied materials.

Donated medical supplies on way to Nepal