Las Laderas - Soup Kitchen - Amoria Bond Charitable Trust
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Las Laderas – Soup Kitchen

Las Laderas – Soup Kitchen

A big thank you to all those who have donated and fundraised to help build the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust’s Soup Kitchen!

We successfully raised over £10,000 and couldn’t have done it without your support, involvement or help.

All donations are genuinely appreciated, not just by us, but especially from the locals in Las Laderas. Together, our Soup Kitchen is helping them fight hunger and work towards a better, more sustainable future.

We’re happy to announce that the construction of the Soup Kitchen has been completed! Even better, the Soup Kitchen has already begun serving hot food to the members of the Las Laderas community. The Soup Kitchen’s opening has directly improved the lives of many and provided food security to all those who need it.

Building works in Las Laderas, Peru

Thank you again for helping us raising over £10,000!!

The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust is dedicated to alleviating poverty, educating the young and supporting the vulnerable through local and global partnerships.