Las Laderas Soup Kitchen Officially Opens - Amoria Bond Charitable Trust
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Las Laderas Soup Kitchen Officially Opens

Las Laderas Soup Kitchen Officially Opens

Community leaders officially open ABCT soup kitchen in Las Laderas

Amoria Bond Charitable Trust Trustee and Amoria Bond Founder, Daniel Daw, was delighted to be invited to participate in the opening ceremony and celebrations of the trust’s second soup kitchen in Las Laderas.

Community leaders gave heartfelt speeches about the impact the soup kitchen would have in the community, and the essential services it would provide – feeding 100s of people every day, and providing a safe space for vital social, health and educational facilities too.

The community clubbed together to put on a fantastic feast of treats… and of course, there was a lot of music and dancing too.

Amoria Bond Charitable Trust thank all Amoria Bond employees, their friends, families, and other supporters for their fantastic generosity of time and money to raise funds needed to build the soup kitchen. 

Amoria Bond has pledged to provide ongoing support, via the trust, for funding of the utilities that allow the soup kitchen to operate effectively.