Keeping safe inside the children’s refuge - Amoria Bond Charitable Trust
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Keeping safe inside the children’s refuge

Keeping safe inside the children’s refuge

Project Peru, our long term charity partners in Peru, contacted us recently to update us on conditions in Las Laderas, and share with us how the children in their refuge are coping with life during lockdown.

The global pandemic has impacted us all, but countries like Peru have been hardest hit and are in a state of genuine crisis – and the most deprived areas like the shanty-town region of Las Laderas even more so.

Locals and visitors often describe the children’s refuge as an oasis in the desert – never has that been more true than recently. The refuge has continued their vital work looking after the children who live there and rely on them. As well as giving them food, shelter, a sense of security and belonging, the refuge is also operating as a virtual school for all 45 resident children. All contact with the world outside the walls of the refuge is strictly limited as the refuge staff are doing all they can to keep the children, and themselves, safe and healthy, Coronavirus has ripped through the surrounding area.

As the pandemic lockdown has delayed annual cargo supplies donated from Amoria Bond and other supporters, the refuge is running out of essential supplies to maintain their provision of schooling. Staff numbers are also lower than usual as older, diabetic and sessional staff can’t come into the refuge at this time.

Like many organisations that rely on charitable funding to operate, Project Peru has to find alternative ways to raise money – at a time when they’re facing additional unexpected outgoings like COVID-tests, antibacterial handwash, disinfectants, face masks etcetera.
Despite all these challenges, true to their character, the staff and children at the refuge remain positive and grateful. They are undoubtedly remarkable and inspirational.

Through the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust, Amoria Bond has pledged to donate and fundraise to support the essential and fantastic work of Project Peru’s children’s refuge. To find out more about our AB Active July Challenge 2020, or to donate here.