Help from Stockport Grammar School - Amoria Bond Charitable Trust
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Help from Stockport Grammar School

Help from Stockport Grammar School

ABCT fundraising project with SGS sees precious cargo from begins the long journey to Peru… 

Amoria Bond Charitable Trust recently partnered with a local primary school attended by employee’s children, Stockport Grammar, to raise awareness (and funds!) for Las Laderas. The school was incredibly supportive. Following an assembly presentation led by Dylan (9) and Ollie (6), about what life is like for the children at Project Peru’s refuge, the whole school – children, teachers and parents – got involved with craft sales of finger puppets and friendship bracelets made by members of the Las Laderas community, as well as filling care boxes with generous donations of much-needed supplies – toiletries, games, books, puzzles, stationery, shoes, socks, underwear and much more… even scooters and roller skates!

Dylan and Ollie worked hard to pack up the precious cargo, which was collected by a fantastic courier company who ship cargo to Peru for Project Peru free of charge!!

Stockport Grammar raised £840.84 and filled 21 huge care boxes – a fantastic achievement. Our thanks to Mr Wheeler and all the staff and children at Stockport Grammar Juniors… especially Dylan and Ollie who also accompanied their parents to Las Laderas and stayed in the refuge over the Summer 😊