AB Active challenge update - Amoria Bond Charitable Trust
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AB Active challenge update

AB Active challenge update

In July 2020 Amoria Bond employees, supported by their families, are working together to collectively run, walk, swim and cycle 7461 kilometres. That’s the equivalent of Peru’s land border, to raise money for Project Peru’s children’s refuge in the impoverished shanty town region of Las Laderas. The business is donating £1 for every kilometre completed. Run purely on charitable donations, the refuge is quite literally an ‘oasis in the desert’ of the impoverished shanty town region of Las Laderas, Peru, an area that has been hit incredibly hard by the CLOVID-19 pandemic.

Together employees, supported by their amazing families and friends, have now completed over 5000 kilometres!! So we’re almost two-thirds of the way, and the end of the line is now well within our collective reach, with just under 2500 kilometres left to go by the end of the month.

Run, walk, swim, cycle, or even skate it doesn’t matter, every single kilometre counts and will make a difference to progressing lives of children in Peru.

On behalf of Amoria Bond, the ABCT would like to say a  massive thanks to everyone who’s taken part so far. It’s been fantastic to see so many Amoria Bond employee family members getting involved – in particular a massive shout out to all the kids!!

It’s not too late to get involved and be part of a lockdown legacy we can all be proud of:

You can donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/ABActiveChallenge2020    

Find out more about Amoria Bond’s long term support of Project Peru’s children’s refuge and how, through ABCT, we’ve worked with the community of Las Laderas here.