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Food Parcels

Food Parcels

Every festive season often brings joy however it is easy for us to forget that for many, Christmas is another day of hardship rather than one of family, fun and excess as it can be for us.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Project Peru and our continued support to the community of Las Laderas, The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust (ABCT) is aiming to raise £3,000 from employees and other supporters, to buy enough food and supplies to provide 100 families with a food parcel this Christmas. This is following on from our successful Christmas food parcel campaign last year

£30 will provide a family with a bundle of staple foods and essentials, and even a few cheerful treats like pudding and jelly that they have requested. Below you can see our shopping list with exactly what we are going to send – it’s a far cry from what we would consider luxury, but to them its everything.
Productos Items
Azúcar de 2 kg.. 2 kg Sugar
Kuaquer de 500 gr. Wheat Porridge 500 gr.
Leche Evaporada en Six Pack Six Pack Evaporated Milk
Chocolate Para Taza Hot Chocolate Drink
Mermelada Vaso de 310gr. Jam 310gr.
Café Lata Pequeña Coffee
Mantequilla Mediana Butter
Milo Lata Pequeña Chocolate & Malt Powder Drink
Arroz de 5 kg. Rice 5 kg.
Alverja y Cualquier Menestra de 500gr. Peas 500gr.
Atun en Trozos Tuna
Aceite Oil
Té u otra Infusión Tea (or other infusion)
Fideos Tallarín Vermicelli Noodles
Fideos Para Sopa de 250gr. Soup Noodles 250gr.
Galletas en Six Pack Cookies in 6 Packs
Jugo Nectar Lt. Nectar Juice
Lata de Duraznos en Mitades Canned Half Peaches
Gelatina en Sobre Jelly
Mazamorra en Sobre Porridge
Flan en Sobre Pudding
Bolsa de Sal Salt
Paneton Panetone
Papel Higienico (Duo) Toilet Paper
Bateas Grandes Para los Productos Large Cooking Trays

The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust is funded entirely through donations from the business, employees and supporters. We cover all expenses and running costs so that every penny raised goes directly to the charity and people in need.

To learn more or to donate please visit our Just Giving Page.