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Amoria Bond Charitable Trust is the charity arm of the wider Amoria Bond business and is dedicated to make a positive contribution to those less fortunate than ourselves. We consistently support & work on charitable initiatives, both on a local level with charities and organisations based near our offices as well as on an international basis too.

Medical Aid Doctor

Emergency Medical Aid

A number of activities were undertaken to raise funds for emergency medical aid to the most in need following the Nepalese earthquake where 1000’s were left displaced, injured & homeless.

Homes for 500 people

We are working with the impoverished & marginalised Peruvian community of Las Laderas to provide homes for 500 people. With the help of the local population are committed to build 100 new homes for this area.

Christmas food parcels

We regularly provide food parcels for dozens of families in the Las Laderas community at Christmas time, remembering those less fortunate than ourselves at this traditional time of celebration.


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The Amoria Bond project in Peru is amazing. With Zeno as the coordinator,  you get a hands-on knowledge of the country and it various people. Building houses are what Amoria Bond does well; however, more than that we have to build life-long friendships with the local people in Peru. If you desire to serve, if you desire to see Peru, all of it, reach out to the Amoria Bond or their next trip!

Christmas Parcels Delivered0%
Homes Built0%
Medical Supplies to Hospitals0%
Parcels Delivered0%

2017 will see the return of Amoria Bond to Peru

Peru is a country where 44 percent of its people live below the poverty line and over 70 percent of the rural population live in homes with dirt floors. The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust in Peru has been working to build safe, decent, and affordable housing with those in need in the small migrant community of Peru. Most of the families are migrant workers or day laborers who don’t earn enough for decent homes so they live in structures made of reed panels. Participants will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with the homeowners and other locals to build these new homes.

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